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Consultations -
Christine Brinker, ND specializes in nutritional medicine.  She consults with clients of all ages, from newborn to seniors.  An initial consultation lasts approx. 1 hour.  A consultation includes Biological Terrain Assessment, Iris Analysis & Nutritional Assessment.  This will involve personal history and inherent dispositions.  The result is a fully customized protocol designed especially for the client, focusing on individual needs to overcome disease and maintain optimal health.  The program includes dietary and supplemental recommendations, an exercise program (varies per individual) and lifestyle coaching.  Christine closely monitors the progress of each client with follow up appointments.  Every person is different, but one fact always remains true;  When we get to the root cause and give the body what it needs, it is possible to live a healthy, vital life. 
Consultations are by appointment only.
Iris Analysis - 
Christine Brinker, ND has been specially trained in scientific iris analysis.  This non-invasive technique is estimated to be utilized by half million European doctors, but relatively unused in America, or not used in a scientific manner.  This technique utilizes the study of  approx. 28,000 iris fibers to denote reflex conditions via the brain in a scientific manner.  This is done with a special 8 or 10 lupe magnifying tool and a penlight.
Biological Terrain Assessment -
The BTA is an FDA recognized, non-invasive diagnostic assessment lab.  This assessment requires only 1 CC (1/2 teaspoon) of both saliva and urine.  These specimens provide a cellular panel assessment that determines the level of health of each organ and body system.  This 8-12 page report is complete at the time of each appointment and is utilized by Christine to further customize the individual needs of each client.  This report indicates the body's hydration, waste products, and digestive ability, among many other important parameters.  It will also indicate the biological age (internal age) of the entire body.
Natural Health Service is one of the only BTA labs, on the east coast of the United States.  People travel from many states, and even countries, to have the BTA performed at Natural Health Services.
Education -
Natural Health Services Family Wellness Center is known as a key resource for natural health education across the country.  Our goal is to help others learn more about their body, how best to treat their body, and most importantly how to prevent or reverse disease.  We facilitate educational classes in homes, corporations, churches, gyms, health fairs and many other sites.  These classes include many popular topics such as "The 8 Causes of Disease", "How to Transform Your Body", "Nature's 911", "Young at Any Age" and many, many more.  These classes are all done by are professionally trained staff.
Appointment Information:
The first consultation will take approximately 1 hour. 
New client appointments are being scheduled, at this time.
Follow up consultations take approximately 30 minutes.
A follow up consultation will be scheduled within 3-6 weeks of the first appointment, depending on the individual. 
Time between appointments allow the individual to focus on the customized programs, knowing exactly what to expect.  The follow up appointment is an opportunity to chart results, and  make minor adjustments, if needed
Fee Schedule:
We are unable to take insurance at this time. 
Our office accepts all major credit and debit cards only.
Call for pricing schedule as changes may occur.
This is a copy of the consent form you will sign before your first consultation.  Please read carefully.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  Thankyou.
Consent Form
Natural Health Services Family Wellness Center is a non-medical Holistic Integrative Wellness Center. We may utilize licensed and non-licensed doctors, practitioners and therapists dedicated to a Holistic approach to health-care (Chiropractic; Naturopathic; Medical, Massage Therapy, etc.)
We offer Private Consultations which include Naturopathic Services,  Nutritional Counseling, Enzyme Therapy, Natural Hormone Balancing, Metabolic Analysis and Balancing, Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Biological Terrain Assessments,etc.  (All of which are to be considered suggestions and recommendations only.)
Christine E. Brinker ND is the founder, and owner, as well as the Practitioner (as opposed to a licensed ND, as the state of Pennsylvania does not license Naturopathic Doctors, at this time).  Christine Brinker in no way claims to be authorized to prescribe or diagnose any conditions, but to assist you in your quest to determine the best options to consider for your health based primarily on natural choices.  Any recommendations given by Christine Brinker,  may be discarded or utilized at the sole discretion of the client.  There are absolutely no obligations to continue any services provided by Christine Brinker, Natural Health Services, or any of it's
Initial services may include in-depth health history, records review, consultation. However it may become evident that further diagnostics or evaluation is necessary which may require outside referral to a lab, imaging facility, or specialist.
Our client base are typically independent thinkers and highly motivated responsible self-starters. They want to be actively involved in their health care and not passive. Therefore, it is important that you understand that in the event you choose to utilize any of our services, suggested supplements, food regimens or programs suggested and/ or utilize our referral recommendations to other facilities or professional services that we believe could be helpful, without the involvement of a licensed health professional / medical doctor, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your 9th Amendment Right. Healing is multifaceted as is life and there are no simplistic answers.
As a Biblically based business, we believe that God's Power is what created and sustains life.  Making wise dietary choices, being aware of our genetic dispositions and understanding that we can truly add more life to our years as each and every one of us fulfill our purpose in this life with the only temple we were given. We're here to empower you toward good health as much as is in our power and skills to do so. Our foundational principles are based on biblical principles of being a good steward of all that God has graciously given us.  Let it be known that we in no way endorse nor condone new age practices.
All risks and benefits of any product, dietary changes, or recommendations will be explained to the best of our knowledge and we will take as much time as necessary to make sure you understand everything so that you can make intelligent decisions, and we respect your right to self determination. No product or other purchases are required to utilize our services. The outcomes and information gleaned through our consulting, therapies or services are not to be misconstrued to be either directly or indirectly dispensing medical advice for the cure or mitigation of any disease or condition. Neither is it an attempt to diagnose or prescribe being that is only the realm of a licensed medical doctor. We are NOT a Medical Practice. We're also required to inform you that because of that fact, we do not carry malpractice insurance.
It is our practice to act responsibly, recommend responsibly and to educate you to the best options for your overall health.  If you have a serious condition, we always recommend you seek the medical advice of a licensed medical doctor.
I am over the age of 18 and able to make my own health-care decisions.
(Clients Signature) ________________________________________(Date) _____/________/_______
(Guardian / Power of Atty Signature) ______________________________________
I am voluntarily seeking the services of  Natural Health Services Family Wellness Center and its practitioners, therapies and services. I have read and understand the above statements and conditions.  I understand that I should never discontinue any prescribed medication without first consulting with my licensed medical doctor.  I agree and consent to work together pro-actively to build my health. I understand that I have options to consult with both licensed and unlicensed practitioners and therapists at my discretion and that this is not a licensed medical practice.  I understand these services are designed to provide health building information, products and therapies. 
Should I choose to use any of this information for self health-care, I agree to hold Christine E. Brinker ND and Natural Health Services Family Wellness Center harmless from any present or future liability.
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